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August 2017


From 1st August please can you contact for any sample requests, for further information on the almalgamation between Bradbury Fabrics and Camira Fabrics please log on to or call 01924 490591 and we will be happy to help. 


Thank you 




July 2017



Dear Sir/Madam


Following our recent amalgamation announcement of our Bradbury and Camira Brands, we would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on the progress made so far.


·         From 3rd July work will begin to install a new Barco system on the machinery at the Britannia Mills (Bradbury) site. This is a system that monitors work in progress on the looms and is a valuable tool for both planning and machine efficiency.

·         We are delighted to advise that we are on schedule for a change over to the Camira Sales systems, effective from 1st August. Work is being undertaken to map Bradbury ranges onto the Camira system for easy order entry of existing stock after this date.

Regarding Bradbury collections, may we bring to your attention the following, which is hoped will assist in your planning over the coming weeks:


·         Arizona – this range has now been discontinued from production. Small stocks are still available, however production has now ceased on this product.

·         Torro Plus – whilst stocks are relatively healthy on a majority of the colours, with immediate effect there shall not be any further Crib 5 back coating production on any colours, therefore please check with the Bradbury sales team on availability.

·         Torro – whilst this product is remaining in the Camira portfolio, please note that the following colours are being phased-out and once current stocks have been exhausted, they will not be replenished; Chrome 6775, Ivory 6876, Latte 5800, Malachite 7384, Oxide 6774, Palma 7799, Silver 6875, Tan 6786 & Vanilla 6874.


May we also advise that for any Bradbury stocks held in ‘reserve’ or ‘pending call-off’, will be released from this facility and placed into normal stock as from 1st July 2017. Please note it will no longer be possible to reserve stock, or to continue to have stock held from this date onwards.


We would like to thank you for your continued support whilst our changes continue and may we remind you that full details of the collection alterations can be found on the following download






Update on the Amalgamation

June 2017



Following the amalgamation announcement at the beginning of May 2017, may we take this opportunity to advise that stocks across all the affected ranges are now being monitored very closely, with some phasing out quicker than anticipated. The polyester collection ARIZONA is the first to be affected, with no further weaving production planned and as the stocks exhaust there will be no further replacements.


Please may we request that stocks are checked regularly across all ranges, so as to avoid disappointment on any future orders or specifications you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Bradbury Sales office on 01484 648182 or


The amalgamation and product changes can also be viewed on


We shall keep you updated as much as possible as further affected collections come to the fore.


Bradbury Fabrics




Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town

June 2017



Congratulations to Huddersfield Town FC on a fantastic season which has seen them promoted to the elite league in the world, the Premier League!

Having spent most of the season seeking promotion at the top end of the table, they ensured a place in the play-off final at Wembley on Monday 29th May against close rivals Reading.

After a nail biting 90 minutes, the scores were level at 0-0, then still level at 0-0 after extra time, but unlike the National team, they managed to gain promotion with a penalty shoot victory 4-3!

A really tough way to end the season, but they all count and the town will now enjoy Premiership football in the 2017/18 season and welcome the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United to the Kirklees Stadium.

C’mon ‘The Terriers’!!!





Camira Group amalgamation

May 2017


As part of the continuing growth strategy within our group, please be advised that an announcement has been made to amalgamate the Bradbury branded products within the Camira brand.

The below letter gives the structural background to the future business and the following link will enable you to understand more about the affected product ranges,

It is trust that the enclosed answers and immediate questions you may have, however please do not hesitate to contact our sales office on 01484 648182 for any further information.


Thank you






Dear Sir/Madam
We are pleased to announce the forthcoming amalgamation of the Bradbury and Camira
brands. As you are aware the acquisition of Bradbury took place some years ago and we
have, until now, operated separately in the market with independent portfolios, sales
teams, manufacturing and support.
We feel that the time is now right to bring the brands together to create a stronger company
with a clearer, more focused product portfolio. We believe that aligning our existing
resources in both manufacturing and customer service will ensure that we are a more
efficient business partner and will enable us to move forward and meet the future
demands of the UK and global markets.
The enclosed document is intended to answer some questions you may have regarding the
integration of Bradbury and I trust covers all the information you might need.
There is a brief introduction but more importantly it gives you the appropriate alternative
ranges and colours for the Bradbury fabrics you are familiar with along with timescales for
the changes.
This document will be available as a pdf download from our website should you require
further copies at:
Please contact your Area Business Manager as shown on page 17 of the brochure should
you have any further questions.
Yours sincerely
Andrew Schofield
(Group Sales and Marketing Director)




Springing into Easter……..

April 2017


‘Clocks go forward, light nights come in, daffodils bring a warm glow, lambs are jumping, sunglasses are on’, can only mean one thing…….Spring is here and Easter is just round the corner!!

It goes without saying this time of year brings joy and happiness to us all with beautiful blue skies making, sun soaked evenings and of course copious amounts of chocolate!



May we advise that our sales office closes for the Easter break 5pm Thursday 13th April and re-opens 8.30am Tuesday 18th April.

However, please note our production is closed for one extra day, closing the same as our sales office, but re-opens 8.30am Wednesday 19th April.

Also, please note that whilst our own production is only closed for 3 days, our dyers and finishers are closed for the full week of w/c 17th and therefore re-open Monday 24th.

We shall make every effort to cover stock accordingly ahead of their closure, please allow for some slight delays in production over this period.



May we all at Bradbury’s wish you a very happy Easter break.





The reasons are in the name!

March 2017


Names have many different meanings, however they can also hide the truth behind the product. Soft Seating crepe wool CARNIVAL is growing in popularity and here’s why:-


Crib 5 FR treated as standard

Approved for soft seating

Recommended for 24/7 usage

Numerous Abrasion rubs, in fact 220,000

Innovative colour palette

Value for money

Available from stock

Long lasting


For further information or to order your colour swatch contact our sales office on 01484 648182




New colours on the horizon – watch this space!

February 2017


May we take this opportunity to make you aware that over the coming months we shall be looking to introduce some new colours to enhance and freshen up our Contract Collection product offerings.


Our patterned polyester Fizz as well as our PVC & PU products Figaro & Torro/Torro Plus will benefit with some new additions, along with our felted wool ranges Blenheim / Blenheim Check which will be enhanced by a selection of new shades and marketed on a new style card layout.


It is anticipated that the launch of these new additions will be around Easter 2017.


In addition, since returning in 2017, there has been an unprecedented demand for sampling of our SOLAR patterned flock product, reinforcing the belief that bold designs and patterns are very much sought after at this present time, so watch this space for new colourways as the year continues to unfold!




JAN 2017

And let 2017 begin!

January 2017


As we say goodbye to 2016 and the challenges that it threw at us, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

It is expected that 2017 will be as equally challenging in business terms, however it is trusted that it also brings health and happiness to one and all.


Our very best wishes for the year ahead………



Dec 2016

‘What a year 2016 has been’!

December 2016


It has been an interesting year, with Brexit being the main topic of conversation before and after the vote, business and exchange rate dilemmas then followed, but all seemed forgotten as we counted our stash of Rio Olympic medals, however, no matter what went on for us in the UK, we have still been ‘Out Trumped’ by America!


As we head towards our Christmas closure we would like to thank each and every one of our customers, suppliers and business partners for their continued support throughout the year and may we all at Bradbury’s wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year.


Please note that our offices will close at 5pm on Friday 23rd December ’16 and re-open at 8.30am on Tuesday 3rd January ’17.


Have a great break everyone and see you in 2017!



November 2016

Christmas is coming:-

November 2016


We may have made a decision to leave Europe, however as always at this time of year we welcome our European colleagues with open arms.

Traditional German Christmas markets descend on our cities throughout the UK, with both Leeds and Manchester being our local options to get us all into the festive spirit, even as early as November!

With the dark wintry nights now fully upon us and the bright Christmas lights hanging high in the streets, how could we avoid that Christmas is just around the corner.



Oct wedding

Congratulations ‘Weaving couple Tying the knot’

October 2016


We are delighted to announce the marriage between two of our valuable employees Production Controller David Wilson and our Quality Manager Sadie Tebble.


David and Sadie who have many years’ service between themselves, tied the knot on Wednesday 12th October and are now away enjoying their honeymoon in Morocco.


We all at Bradbury’s would like to extend our very best wishes to them both and wish them all the happiness for the future.





Hospitality Bunches

Hospitality showroom hangers

September 2016


To support the marketing of our Hospitality Collections, pattern bunch hangers are now available in each range, showing large pieces of each colourway and images for instant appeal.


The binders and individual swatch cards are still available, however these new bunches complete the marketing offering of these excellent ranges.


To order your requirements, please contact our sales office on 01484 648182 or




Olympic fever grips our collections!

August 2016


With world records being broken daily and Team GB’s colourful medal tally continuing to rise, it’s a good job that our collections can boast the same – well almost all!


Record sample requests for our aptly named upholstery suede product RIO have been seen in recent weeks and not only that, you will find Bronze (Oxide 6774) and Silver (Chrome 6775) gleaming well on the Torro/Torro Plus faux leather colour card – just watch this space for GOLD!


Keep going Team GB – you’re doing a superb job, well done!




On top of the world!

July 2016


Whilst the country was dealing with the Brexit outcome as the news unfolded during Friday 24th June, our Sales and Marketing Director Mark Holliday had other plans for that evening, as he took on the 3 Peaks challenge, throughout the night on that Friday and then throughout the Saturday. The gruelling challenge of Ben Nevis, Scar Fell and Snowdon were all conquered by Mark, his eldest son Tom and nine other friends, all raising much needed funds for local charities.


It is believed that it has taken Mark most of July to get the feeling back into his feet and legs – however well done to all involved, a great achievement!


Mark would like to say a huge thank you to all those that supported the event and for their kind donations.  




Sample room appointment

June 2016


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Dickinson as our new sample room assistant. Being a trained seamstress, Alex brings a wealth of experience working with fabrics and we are delighted to have her as part of our team. With the introduction of our Hospitality Collections earlier in the year, it was felt important to strengthen our staff to support the rising demands within this already busy department.

Alex will be working alongside Rachael Peaker to ensure that we have maximum coverage throughout each week.

Samples can be ordered via the sales office 01484 648182 (option 2), via the website or via email on either, or

May we take this opportunity to welcome Alex to the company.




Not just famous for quality fabrics………

May 2016


Huddersfield and its surrounding villages is not just famous for manufacturing quality fabrics, no not at all, it is also famous for the filming of various TV programmes!

Marsden, a village just up the road from the Bradbury factory, is the area where Last of the Summer wine was filmed, there is also a new BBC crime thriller being filmed at this present time, called In the Dark, so look closely and you may see some of the Bradbury staff in the background!

Happy Valley in Huddersfield/Halifax, Where the Heart is in Slaithwaite and Monster calls in Linthwaite, all have brought many famous faces to the area over the years!

If any Bradbury staff are spotted, please feel free to drop by for an autograph!




We all like a challenge!

April 2016


As if working within the textile industry is not challenging enough, our Sales & Marketing Director Mark Holliday has decided to take up the ‘3 peaks Challenge’ at the end of June.


The challenge of conquering Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scafell Pike (England) and Snowden (North Wales) in just 24 hours awaits and whilst it may sound appealing, perhaps weaving textiles is not that bad after all!


Good luck Mark, we look forward to seeing photos from the top of each peak!



Springing forward! 

March 2016


With the clocks changing, the lighter evenings, Easter being early and daffodils all a ‘bloom’, the month of March has brought us that really good feeling factor of ‘Spring’!

Business has also continued to thrive with excellent exposure of our Hospitality Collection, with Solar Pattern being the ‘pick of the bunch’ for various showroom installations.



It just proves how reliant we are of modern technology……

February 2016


As technology has evolved, it just goes to show how so reliant we are with it working smoothly, without glitches and how dependant our businesses have now become with such systems.

Only last week, we had a server problem, which you might think is quite normal and straight forward in todays’ age, with an engineer on site within the hour – what delays could there be and what could possibly go wrong!

However when your emails, internet, scanners, printers, accounting systems, warehouse production systems and even card payment systems are all linked, then this becomes more of a challenge to the budding engineer who arrived armed with a tool box!

Following what we believed to be a difficult few hours, turning into 24 hours, which then turned into a very difficult 48 hours, with spare parts being express delivered and both internal (David Wilson) and external engineers working through the night, we thankfully got everything sorted – well done to those involved.

With this, we would also like to say a sincere THANK YOU to our dedicated customer base for their patience, tolerance and understanding, proving that if we all work together we can get through the most difficult of times and challenges that are often ahead of us.

Please be assured we have stashed away plenty of duplicate books, paper and pens, just in case we are faced with a similar situation again, but fingers crossed they will stay locked away for a good few years yet!





Welcome back!

January 2016


After a nice extended Christmas break, we are now fully back into the working routine and regrettably the New Year celebrations seem to be a distant memory.


The start to any new year always brings its challenges as businesses get up and running again after a welcomed relaxing break, however we have not had a chance to blink, with record order intakes, we are delighted to report that 2016 has made an encouraging start and long may it continue!


Very best wishes to everyone for 2016 and Welcome back!




Another year flies by!


December 2015


Wow, time really does fly, it only seems like yesterday that we were wishing our staff, customers and suppliers and very merry Christmas and within no time we are here to do it all again!


2015 has been a remarkable year for Bradbury’s and we hope it has been a great year for you too! We have had two staff weddings, a return to work from maternity leave, a new starter strengthening our external sales team and not to mention the launch of a brand new collection of fabrics and finishes for the Hospitality market……… wonder time has flown by!


With that all said, we could not have done it all without the continued support from our valued customer base, our dedicated suppliers, along with our valuable staff throughout the company.


May we all at Bradbury’s offer our extended and warmest Christmas wishes once again to all family, friends, customers, suppliers and all those associated with our organisation.

Have a great break and a prosperous new year.

Best wishes for 2016!


Please note that our offices are closed from 5pm Wednesday 23rd December and re-open 8.30am Monday 4th January 2016.




All things happening

November 2015


November has proved to be yet another busy and exciting month to keep us on our toes! Not just excitement from ‘fireworks and bonfires’, but our website has been updated with all our new Hospitality Collections, a gallery section has now been applied for images of installations and with that in mind we would welcome any additions!


Our new collections have been very well received so far, with lots of interest and sampling, so if you require a binder, please just ask!


Time is flying by, but having been with us now for three months, Paul Breary is well and truly settled in to the Bradbury team and covering the North of the country very well.


Wow – if we blink too soon it will be Christmas…………or are we wishing the time away!



It’s here!

October 2015


The waiting is over, we are delighted to announce the official launch of our new Hospitality Collection, which offers a fine array of textile finishes suitable for all types of upholstery applications, particularly aimed at the soft seating market for areas within: hotels, leisure, restaurants, café’s & hospitality to name but a few. See SOLAR our circled patterned flock with contrasting plain options, RIO, COLORADO & TEXAS our polyester suede’s, VENICE, VERONA & NEVADA our soft and tactile faux leather collections, with NEVADA also being offered in a classic QUILTED option for that modern appeal. Don’t hesitate any longer, please order your new binder now from our sales office.


We are also delighted that the month of October also brought us the marriage of Julie Sill our Sales Office Co-ordinator to Mike on Tuesday 6th, following a quiet & personal service at Gretna Green.

May we all at Bradbury’s extend our warm congratulations to them both and wish them health and happiness for the future.



New Collections on the Horizon

September 2015


In the aftermath of the summer holidays, with the students all sitting quietly once again in their classrooms, it is not just the dark autumnal evenings and damp weather that awaits us on the horizon, far from it!

Our new Hospitality Collection, due for launch mid October gives us all something to look forward to.

A contemporary collection of upholstery fabrics and finishes for the hospitality, contract & leisure industries will bring enhanced depth to our ever increasing portfolio of fabrics. This bespoke collection will sit prominently alongside our current Contract Collection, allowing us to offer an array of finishes for all styles of seating applications for a variety of environments.

Please contact our sales office in advance to order your binder for distribution as soon as available.



Northern Area Manager

August 2015


We are delighted to announce that Paul Brearey has joined the company as our new Northern Area Sales Manager.

Paul brings with him a wealth of experience and industry knowledge having been involved with the upholstery and textile trade for many years.

Living in Leeds, he is perfectly located to manage the territory and will be responsible for the management and growth of existing accounts along with the management of the dealer network.

We trust that you will join us in welcoming Paul to our company and wish him all the success for the future.


His contact details are 07341 127642 and email




Well fancy that!

July 2015


We would like to share with you a little light hearted story, following a recent quality report with our top selling Crib 5 PU Torro Plus.

A large and prestigious cinema installation was recently completed and all was perfect, with the fully upholstered seating units looking a million dollars……or so it was thought!

After just a few months of installation it was reported that the abrasion was being questioned, on the basis that puncture marks (as they were described) had started to appear on just a few units, in some very  obscure places. As with all concerns with any of our collections, this was immediately investigated, batches were checked, abrasion resistance tested and so on. Puzzled by the effect that had been caused we and our customer were at a loss as to how or why this had happened. Then a few days later, the same markings were noticed but in different areas on other units. Still puzzled but not yet defeated, investigations continued but still no solution. Then days later, the cause and reason for these unusual markings was identified………………..the culprit was a pigeon!!!

Yes, a pigeon happily living in the roof, who for several evenings took it upon itself to rest in comfort on the soft seating at night time only to peck at the upholstery to solve its hunger pains.

Sadly, as it is strongly recommended not to digest such products, may the pigeon now rest in peace!

It goes without saying, over the years of manufacturing textiles this is the first time we have had experienced anything like this!






Bright colours for the bright sunshine!

June 2015


With the summer sunshine now fully upon us, it must be having a reflection on the decision makers in the marketplace over what colours to choose for their office space!


We have been inundated with sample requests for our Crib 5 patterned polyester FIZZ! It must be the bright sunshine that has brought the demand for its vibrant colourways!


To order a swatch card or individual A5 sized samples, please contact our pattern room direct on or




Clerkenwell Design Week

May 2015 


Clerkenwell Design Week proved to be a successful exhibition for the industry, with a hive of activity on all three days. With the General Election behind us, it appears that the industry is continuing to move forward, with exciting designs and finishes in all types of furniture and seating. Many natural and linen effects were on show, giving a clean yet warm feel to the varying types of upholstery.





April 2015



As the clocks go forward, the daffodils bloom and the spring sunshine bursts through, let’s all cheer with joy that Easter is finally upon us!

Although, no sooner will we have devoured a mountain of chocolate eggs, it’s soon time to squeeze into bright coloured lycra, to take to the streets to run it off - Oh what joy!


Happy Easter everyone from all at Bradbury Fabrics – have a nice break!  




Discontinued Colours

March 2015



Important notice on colour changes to both upholstery collections Flamblend & Arizona


Please be advised that from 1st March 2015, we are phasing out and discontinuing some shades from both our Flamblend & Arizona collections.


The following 16 shades from our Flamblend range being removed are:-

Heather 026, Midas 036, Paprika 232, Manilla 033, Rustic 233, Corona 234, Burgundy 118, Sapphire 051, Alverton 335, Buckingham 066, Cressida 209, Bayleaf 012, Catkin 017, Illusion 237, Monksfield 337 and Cactus 218.


The reason for their removal is because over the past couple of years they have become slow moving shades and our commitment to replacement yarn, to allow their continuation does not support the sales levels that they each bring.

For as long as we have existing yarn available, these colours will all continue to be available, however each has their own sales levels and it is difficult to give a timescale for their existence.

Should you have any questions, concerns or even requirements for any of these shades, we recommend you contact our sales office at your earliest convenience.


For our Arizona range, the following 17 shades are being removed:-

Kingfisher AR503, Fawn AR520, Lime AR521, Tan AR522, Mauve AR507, Laurel AR508, Rainforest AR523, China AR510, Strawberry AR509, Pimento AR526, Amethyst AR511, Cloud AR512, Jamaica AR527, Shadow AR514, Burgundy AR529, Midnight AR517 & Rust AR533.


Again, these shades are being removed as they are slow selling shades in this collection, however please note the majority of these colours can be found and are available from stock in our Medium hazard Crib 5 polyester crepe range Omega Plus. We advise you speak to our sales office should you have any questions regarding the phase-out of these colours.


It goes without saying that as we remove some items, that it is essential to replace with new and over recent months we have enlarged the colour offering in Carnival, launched FIZZ, Blenheim and Blenheim Check.

All of these have brought added value to our ever increasing portfolio of fabrics.





Staff news

February 2015


We are delighted to announce the wedding of Helen Booth our pattern room assistant to Mr Ian Hannaford.

Helen and Ian tied the knot on January 16th at Pennine Manor Hotel in Huddersfield and subsequently left the cold and snow behind for their honeymoon in Malta.

Helen joined the company 12 months ago as maternity cover for Rachael Peaker, who after the birth of her son Beau will be returning to Bradbury’s on February 16th.

We are delighted that although initially a temporary arrangement, Helen will be continuing her role within the company, working with Rachael covering our sample department.


Both can be contacted and samples can be ordered on or


All at Bradbury Fabrics would like to welcome back Rachael after her leave and also wish Mr & Mrs Hannaford the very best for their future together!



Happy New Year

January 2015


We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and associated companies a very happy new year and very best wishes for 2015.

It only seems like yesterday that we were finishing for the Christmas break, then as quick as a flash and copious amounts of mince pies, snacks and general over indulgence later, it is all sadly in the past and we are back to work!

It is hoped that 2015 brings health and happiness to all!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 2014


May all the staff at Bradbury’s send our very best wishes to our customers and suppliers and all associated for the Festive season.

Thank you all for your continued support and growth throughout 2014 and very best wishes for 2015.


Our offices are closed from 5pm Tuesday 23rd December and re-open 8.30am Monday 5th January 2015.





Range changes

November 2014


Blenheim & Blenheim Check re-launch

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of our popular wool products Blenheim & Blenheim Check, with new colour cards now available for immediate distribution. Since their appearance in our catalogue back in the summer, we have altered some of the shades and through marketplace request new additions also appear. The 2 brand new shades are :- Bletchley 745 & Southam 749, with the following 6 alterations :- Chipping 744 replaces Tring 721, Norton 746 replaces Didcot 710, Calne 747 replaces Clanfield 708, Cricklade 748 replaces Campsfield 726, Brackley 750 replaces Broadway 705 and Woburn 751 replaces Lambourn 713.


For Blenheim Check, Cadillac 753 replaces Fandango 737 & Aphid 752 replaces Mantis 740.


Carnival, our Crib 5 wool crepe is going from strength to strength with more exposure in the marketplace. Increasing demand for this hard wearing, 24/7 branded range has brought 9 new attractive and vibrant shades to this soft seating classic’s colour palette. The new colours are :- Colada 842, Almond 843, Racy 848, Wedgewood 845, Foxy 844, Lipstick 847, Tropic 846, Ribena 849, and Raisin 850.


Please contact our sales office on 01484 648182 or email to order your colour cards for immediate despatch.






October 2014


PYRA fabric – flammability rating alteration for 2015



Due to current REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals ) stipulations, there are environmental concerns associated with various brominated flame retardant chemicals that are used within the production of FR Polypropylene fibre.


Following these guidelines, which is paramount within the textile industry, these chemicals shall be removed from our FR Polypropylene production and the result of this is an alteration within the overall FR property of the finished product.


Our product PYRA is currently rated as Medium Hazard BS 7176:2007 (commonly known as Crib 5), however the FR rating is to be changed to Low Hazard BS 7176:2007, (commonly known as cigarette and match, 0&1).


We anticipate that by the year end our current production commitments will have been phased-out and our new production will be in place, with the new FR rating.


Flammability performance is a very important technical attribute, so this is not a decision we have taken lightly. Due to this, we are working on new yarns / fibres that will allow Bradbury Fabrics to continue to promote and supply technical products for all environments in the future.


Please note, Omega Plus (polyester), Fizz (polyester), Flamblend (wool mix) and Carnival (Wool) are NOT affected and continue to the Medium Hazard Crib 5 FR rating.


We trust that you appreciate our decision and policies, to ensure that we continue to supply to you, the customer, products that meet the current demands for today’s environment.


Please see the table below, which it hopes helps as a reminder for the categories associated with the Low and Medium Hazard FR levels.



BS 7176:2007 Low Hazard

Cigarette & match (0&1)

Offices, schools, colleges, universities, day centres, museums, exhibitions

BS 7167:2007 Medium Hazard

Crib 5

Public buildings, restaurants, hospitals, hotel bedrooms, hostels, bingo halls



Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office.









A splash of colour for those winter months…

September 2014


As the summer months disappear, with the pleasant summer evenings becoming a distant memory, we generally go into hibernation preparing ourselves for the ‘gloomy’ autumnal and winter months that lie ahead.


Not at Bradbury’s though! Bringing colour and the WOW factor to your offices we can announce the launch of FIZZ our latest upholstery fabric.


20 vibrant shades, some with a splash of ‘neon’ will bring a new appeal to task and operator seating and enhance any office environment. To the eye it has the appearance of a mesh, whilst being a traditional woven fabric, being the perfect partner to any style of mesh backed seating.


Looking forward into October, watch this space for the re-launch of Blenheim and Blenheim Check, our felted wool ranges, bringing new colours to these hard wearing soft seating collections.



FIZZ is on its way………..

August  2014


We are just a couple of weeks away from the launch of our latest upholstery addition ‘FIZZ’, which will bring an exciting new look for task and operator seating.


This polyester design, meets Medium Hazard Crib 5 FR standards, 80,000 abrasion rubs and will be offered in 20 exciting vibrant shades, with an emphasis to be a perfect addition to mesh backed seats.


Pattern cards will be available for distribution within the next couple of weeks, however if you would like a sneak preview, please contact our sales office who will be pleased to pop a sample in the post to wet your appetite!



Tour de France Hits Huddersfield

July 2014


Whilst we feel there is plenty of colour in Huddersfield with the ‘bright & vibrant’ shades in our fabric collections, we were astounded to see all the ‘colour and joy’ that the ‘Tour de France’ brought when it came through our area on Sunday 6th July. This outstanding experience was supported superbly by the whole of the town, bringing a whole weekend of great memories to last a lifetime!




Follow us on Twitter

June 2014


You can now follow us on Twitter, bringing you updated information on all our ranges & collections, gossip and company news from within Bradbury’s.

Go on ‘give us a tweet’ !



Enhance your soft seating with Blenheim & Blenheim Check

May 2014


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new wool upholstery products Blenheim and Blenheim Check bringing added value to our portfolio of seating fabrics.

These products have been engineered to offer solutions within all types of seating applications, particularly soft seating in environments such as universities, schools, offices, hotels and general contract areas where heavy use is a necessity.

Taking its name from Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, each of the 36 attractive and vibrant shades in Blenheim and the complimenting 7 shades in the Check version, take their identity from places within Oxfordshire and its surrounding areas.

The ‘black nepps’ or ‘flecks’ as they are known do not only give these collections Bradbury’s identity but will hide any ‘day to day’ blemishes, particularly pen marks that are a common aggravation to many plain fabrics. In addition, both products are supplied inherently treated with Teflon a superior stain resistant finish allowing the repellancy of liquids and giving longevity to the fabrics appearance. These ranges boast a massive 170,000 abrasion rubs, supported with a 5yr guarantee proving that they are the perfect answer for your high demand environments.

For more information, samples or swatch cards please do not hesitate to contact our sales office or alternatively please use our website to view these collections and also to order samples.



Exposure for Figaro

April 2014


Launched back in October, Figaro our Antibacterial treated Crib 5 vinyl is enjoying more and more exposure in the marketplace with increasing sales, month on month.

Since its arrival, a large university installation, several office break out areas along with a couple of healthcare / surgery projects, have allowed this subtle grained faux leather product to find it’s place within our increasing portfolio of fabrics.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales office for any additional information or samples of this collection, or any other of our ranges.


Birthday celebrations hit the capitol!

April 2014


Last month, to celebrate Marilyn Waite’s milestone 60th birthday, the Bradbury girls took their celebrations away from the local Huddersfield area and descended on the city of London.

Lynne, Julie, Tahera, Sadie and Helen all headed south with Marilyn, for an overnight stop, enjoying Afternoon tea at the Dorchester, the show Jersey Boys as well as taking in the sights of the capitol.

Amongst all of this enjoyment, it is understood plenty of Champagne was also disposed of!

Congratulations Marilyn – many happy returns from all at Bradbury’s.



Bradbury’s going for ‘gold’ with local installation

March 2014



Pyra going for gold!

We are delighted to announce that our woven polypropylene Crib 5 range PYRA has been selected and used on the installation of furniture within the athlete’s village and accommodation at the forthcoming Commonwealth games in Glasgow. The requirement was for a hard wearing, medium hazard FR woven fabric, suitable to withstand hard wear and tear and with this the colour Charcoal in PYRA was adopted and has been used throughout the whole of the accommodation blocks.



Local installation

Being proud manufacturers in Huddersfield of woven fabrics for seating and screen applications, we are even more proud to have had Galaxy, our woven polyester crepe panel fabric, used for a large installation on our very own doorstep, at Huddersfield University. The colours Kingfisher, Diablo and Irwell have been adopted giving a fresh and modern colour scheme for the noticeboards and screens throughout the university.



Panel fabric’s – new for 2014

 February 2014


As part of our continued programme to update our collections, in keeping them fresh and modern, we are pleased to announce the following changes to our popular panel ranges Screen 66 and Galaxy.


Screen 66

New colours: - Claret S151 & Smoke Grey S150, however we are phasing out and discontinuing the following shades:-

Opal S110, Lothian S141, Merlot S135, Lavender S131, Jade S133, Emerald S109, Hogmanay S142, Rose S115, Spearmint S134, Crystal S101, Strawberry S117, Cornflower S132

Terracotta S130, Brooke S144, Carlyle S143, Sable S128, Raspberry S137



New colours: - Fusion G678, Sorbet G682, Finch G677, Oxygen G679, Amaranth G683

Colours being phased out and discontinued are: - Holme G661, Steel G616, Shannon G659, Gambia G642, and Crimson G606

32 out of the 48 colours offered in Galaxy have equivalent matching shades in our seating polyester crepe Omega Plus, giving enhanced colour continuity to any office space.


Should there be any colour that is being phased out / discontinued that you have a requirement for, please contact our sales office because we may have limited stocks still available, or if the minimum quantity allows for any project work, then subject to minimums and lead times, we could consider reproducing it.


To finish, we are delighted to announce that Rachael Peaker our sample room assistant who went on maternity leave last month has given birth to a baby boy named Beau Arlo Peaker.

Mother and baby are doing very well and may we all at Bradbury’s wish them both health and happiness for the future.





The New Year starts with a bump...

January 2014


We are pleased to announce that Rachael Peaker from our sample department is expecting her second child in March.


Rachael will be starting her maternity leave in February and may we all at Bradburys take this opportunity to give Rachael, her husband Gavin and son Bailey our very best wishes and happiness for their new arrival.


In addition, Helen Booth has joined the Company looking after Rachael's responsibilities whilst on maternity leave.


Samples can still be ordered through the normal channels:- or as Helen covers these, however she can also be contacted direct on




All change for Galaxy....

December 2013


We are pleased to advise of alterations for our popular polyester panel fabric Galaxy, with the phase out of some slow moving colours, making way for some new fresh shades. 


The following new shades are now available from stock: Fusion G678, Sorbet G682, Finch G677, Oxygen G679 & Amaranth G683, with all these being replicated in the polyester Omega Plus.

Those shades being phased out are:- Holme G661, Steel G616, Shannon G659, Gambia G642 and Crimson G606.



May we also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an prosperous New Year.



Carnival - From strength to strength

November 2013


With it being a little over a year since its launch into the marketplace, Carnival our hard wearing wool crepe is going from strength to strength, with it enjoying more exposure in the marketplace.

The benefits to any seating application that this collection offers are with it being inherently FR to Medium Hazard crib 5 standards, a massive 240,000 Martindale abrasion rubs and supported with a 24/7 branding, making it the perfect choice for soft seating, auditorium seating and in general heavy traffic environments.

All 22 vibrant shades are available from stock and samples can be ordered directly via the website, or by contacting our Sample department.



Range updates

October 2013


To support the continued growth and success of our PU leatherette ranges Torro & Torro Plus, we have enhanced the colour palette by introducing 9 exciting new shades, 3 of which are metallic.The new shades are: Palma 7799, Pumpkin 7801, Apple 7796, Jonquil 7800, Topaz 8134, Truffle 6873, and the metallics Chrome 6775, Oxide 6774, Metallic 6259.


We have discontinued just one shade from these collections, that being Fudge 5993.


To compliment our PU collections we are pleased to announce the launch of Figaro our latest synthetic leather product. Figaro is 98% PVC with a 2% PU content and has a Matt finish with a subtle classic leather grain, suitable for all types of upholstery environments.  Inherently Crib 5, treated with antibacterial Sanitised technology and is Easy Clean, allowing it to be cleaned with diluted bleach/chloride solutions. Available in 25 modern shades this range is perfect for soft seating and general Contract usage and with it also being blood and urine resistant is ideal for Healthcare applications.


Our traditional woven wool blend Stirling has had the following 9 shades removed from its offering, with the following being discontinued:-

Peach P101, Autumn P058, Redwood P100, Purple P098, Dew P103, Sea Blue P071, Envy P085, Mint P037 and Shamrock P073.


The remaining 43 shades are fully available from stock.


Should you have any requirements for any of the discontinued items detailed above, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office, as stocks are still available, although will be limited and subject to being unsold.


Please see all the new additions on our website, where all technical data can be viewed and samples can be ordered.




Keep on running....

September 2013


After the heroics back in July by sales girls Lynne Gunson & Julie Sill, it was now the turn of Sales Director Mark Holliday to put on his running shoes, by taking part for the first ever time in this years Great North run, which he completed in a respectable 2 hours 10 minutes.

Although feeling confident at the start, Mark could not catch up with Mo Farah but was really pleased to have overtaken Bagpuss, a stormtrooper and a few superheros along the way!




Link to Bradbury

July 2013


As part of our continue efforts to keep our website up to date, we have now set up a 'link' facility, which allows customers to have a direct connection to our full site.


This facility will give ease to viewing our ranges and ordering samples through the customers own site.


This can be set up in seconds,simply click onto the 'link' logo on our home page,then by following the easy steps and selecting a customised logo from the options, one to suit your site, you can set up an automatic link.

Julie Sill our website co-ordinator would be delighted to answer any questions in setting up this facility.

Please call our sales office on 01484 648182 for more information.





How quick time flies!

June 2013


Having just completed my first six months with Bradbury's, I  would like to thank everyone within the Company for making me feel so welcome and being so supportive whilst I have settled in.


It is very evident how committed everyone throughout the Company is, working together as a team,which i'm now proud to be part of.


The Bradbury name is long established in the marketplace and i'm looking forward to being part of its continued growth and development.


Mark Holliday - Sales and Marketing Director



Racing for Life!

May 2013


Bradbury's sales girls Lynne Gunson and Julie Sill, will be joining the crowds of runners supporting this years 'Race for Life', taking part on 7th July 2013, at Rugby Fields, Huddersfield.

For the 7th year running they will be dressed in their traditional 'Pink Outfits' for the gruelling 5k run, supporting Cancer research.

No doubt they will have their feet up in the office the following day-resting!


May we all at Bradbury's wish them the very best of luck!



Best Wishes to Robert

 22nd April 2013


Following the retirement of Robert Hill on Thursday 28th March 2013, all at Bradbury Fabrics would like to send their very best wishes to both Robert and also to his wife Christine for the future.




' 73 Reasons to use Flamblend '

28th March 2013


Our traditional woollen weave fabric Flamblend is enjoying a new lease of life since the introduction of the Checkers and Cross Shade effects from our previous collection Excel being incorporated in its colour palette.

With a full stock supported offering of 73 modern and vibrant shades, Flamblend is a must for all types of seating applications.

Each and every colour justifies its existence, with increasing sales across the whole palette, proving that by mixing ideas you can breathe a new identity into anything.

With its inherent stain repellent treatment, Crib 5 FR property and boasting 100,000 martindale abrasion rubs Flamblend remains at the heart of our collections, continually going from strength to strength.





Torro/Torro Plus makes its Debut

25th February 2013


Our soft tactile upholstery PU product Torro and its Crib 5 version Torro Plus are both enjoying good exposure in the marketplace at present, being used in a variety of installations ranging from offices, soft seating and also within the bedding industry as a bed base covering.


Its fine grain and subtle colour pallet gives it the perfect choice for all types of upholstery applications, with restaurant chain YO! SUSHI being one of its latest high profile clients adopting this collection for its seating.


The full colour range and all its data can be viewed on line, with the facility to order samples for immediate despatch.




Carnival and Stirling

29th January 2013



We now have our New Range Carnival colours added to our website, we also have additional new colours in the Stirling Range.




07th January 2013


I would like to inform you that as from the end of March 2013 Robert Hill has decided to retire in order to spend more time with his wife Christine.

Those of you who have met Robert will know him as a true gentleman with great charm and character, and he will be a hard act to follow.

I and all at Bradburys would like to thank Robert for his contribution and commitment to the Company's growth over the last twelve years and we wish him and his wife Christine a long and happy retirement.


However, the Company must move on and we are pleased to announce that Mark Holliday is joining Bradbury to take over Robert's role as Sales and Marketing Director. Some of you will know Mark from his time at Macflex and previously with Interface Fabrics.

We would like to wish Mark all the very best in his new role in taking Bradbury forward in these exciting and ever changing times.


Stephen Waite - Managing Director





21st December 2012


We'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


We close from the 21st December 2012 and return on the 02nd January 2013





20th November 2012


We have now included 5 new Cross Shade colours to the Stirling range which will be added to the web site shortly.


Please note the following colours Tulip PO61, Spice PO33, Shell PO60, Tasman PO70, Buttermilk P105, Walnut P106 and Evergreen PO94 have now been removed.


Please speak to the Sales Office for stock levels whilst still available.




13th September 2012


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Carnival Range which includes 22 new colours.


This blend has been developed to be more hard wearing.


Carnival has also been designed to be considerably more competitive than some of the pure New Wool crepes on the market.


This range achieves BS7176 Medium Hazard (Crib 5) and has a Martindale Abrasion Resistance of over 200,000 rubs thereby gaining a 24/7 rating.


The colour palette has been designed to enable it to match and co-ordinate with our Omega Plus Range and other polyester Crepes which have become standards in the Office Chair Market.


Carnival is suitable for Soft Seating and all types of upholstery including 'Severe Contract'.


The Carnival range will supersede the Chancery Range which will be phased out over the next 12 months.

Colours for the Carnival will be available to view at a later date.



Torro and Torro Plus

Torro and Torro Plus

February 6 2012


Our new environmentally friendly PU (Polyurethane) Faux Leather ranges Torro (BS7176 Low Hazard - Cigarette and Match) and Torro Plus (BS7176 Medium Hazard - Crib 5) are shown for the first time on our website.


Both ranges are stock backed and are already selling well.

We will shortly introduce a New Wool Nylon Crepe range with excellent stretch and recovery properties for middle to high end of the market.

The range will meet BS7176 Medium Hazard (Crib 5) and will be ideal for soft seating.


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