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All the technical information you need


Here you should find all the technical information you require for all the fabrics we manufacture and supply. If you're looking for information not contained here, please contact us.


Our 5 Year Product Guarantee

J Bradbury & Co (Saddleworth) Ltd guarantees the following against wear through the complete deterioration of the fabrics structure for a period of 5 years from date of invoice.

1) The product supplied is fit for purpose, as stated on the specifications.
2) The product meets the stated technical specification, current at the time of manufacture.
3) The product will normally provide for up to 5 years usage, providing:
a) the furniture manufacturer has ensured appropriate upholstery manufacturing methods have been used;
b) the furniture manufacturer has ensured the fabric has been protected from wood or metal edges in the appropriate manner;
c) the furniture has only been subjected to general wear and tear i.e 8 hour usage;
d) the furniture has not been subjected to any improper use or neglect; and
e) regular cleaning has been carried out by the end user as specified in the Bradbury cleaning guide


If the product fails to perform as guaranteed it will be replaced at the expense of J Bradbury & Co (Saddleworth) Ltd.


This will be the case only upon satisfactory conclusion, following investigation by the technical team. Please note, the guarantee is based on wear and tear in the sole opinion of J Bradbury & Co (Saddleworth) Ltd and not on appearance.


J Bradbury & Co (Saddleworth) Ltd reserves the right for any claim arising from this guarantee to be investigated by our technical team. (Any arbitration will be settled by FIRA or a similar independent testing house) Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of sale for further information.

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